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It is estimated that only 1% of the worlds population has heard of bitcoin & blockchain technology. Only a fraction of that 1% understands what is is, and a fraction of that fraction has ever actually utilized it.

The amount of untapped potential is phenomenal. Omanilla will be the bridge for people all over the world to blockchains & cryptocurrencies, combining social and cryptocurrency interests.

With our various Omanilla protocols, we are creating applications that work on the technologies catered to each & every country. Particularly currently disconnected markets that would be interested in the benefits of blockchain technology.

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Key Features

The Omanilla protocol prides itself in being a multi-usage algorithm, one we've been developing to Desktop Operating Systems, Mobile Operating Systems, Network Protocols, and translating into 8 languages.

Store & Exchange Tokens

Currently being developed to support BTC, BCH, ETH, and all ERC20 tokens.

Utilize OMA token

What will ultimately be more affordable than fees or gas, the OMA token can be used to drive transactions.

Private User Keys

You are in control of your keys, able to export at any time.

HD Support

Omanilla supports hierarchical deterministic structures, which means you can create sub-wallets to keep your main wallet address private.

Connect with People

Optional social aspect, connect & compare with friends!

Token Recognition

Automatically detects all tokens supported by the Ethereum blockchain.

Contact Lists

Our applications can store addresses of your contacts in a single, standardized way.

Easy Management

Our UX design ensures everything is right where you want it.


Thank you to everyone who participated in our ICO! Your OMA has been distributed.

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Missed the ICO? No problem! Though you don't recieve bonus OMA, you can still get OMA per below instructions.

1 ETH (One Ethereum) = 1636 OMA

Great! Lastly, you will want to send your ETH to the address that is revealed once you click the button below. You can send any amount of ETH, and your OMA will be calculated at the above exchange rate. Price is adjusted daily based on average 24HR Ethereum price.

OMA token transfers will be occuring every 24 hours at 12:00PM UTC.

You'll be able to store, send, buy, and sell your OMA tokens as soon as they are available after the ICO, and Official ICO! Stay tuned for a confirmed list of exchanges.

Do you have any Questions ?

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Team Leaders

Nathan Whinslow CEO / Developer Nathan has long been developing financial applications for leaders of different sectors, including Quickbooks, and Mint. Seeing the potential in blockchain technology, he sought to create Omanilla; the global bridge to blockchain. When he's not behind a keyboard, you might see him at Karaoke night!
Tanya Mao Market Analysis / Communications Tanya is a mixed bag of multiple talents, serving as our market analyzer, as well as communications manager. If she isn't juggling between tasks, she's feeding her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Lucy.
Jafari Olanrewaju International Business Development Director Jafari & Nathan first met at a global conference in 2015, where the first idea of Omanilla began. With Jafari's vast knowledge of international business/challenges, and his contagious laugh, we are able to connect with corporations in unexplored territories, many having never heard of blockchain.
Sytira Bishop Social Coordinator / Assistant Sytira is the newest member of the team. Her experience with social applications will not just prove useful through social platforms, but also for when Omanilla Social kicks off. She also helps with making sure the rest of the team is staying on track!


Below you will find PDFs of our Whitepaper, and Roadmap

Translated versions will be available shortly, please let us know what languages you'd like to see!